North Terminal Departures (JAL,AMX)

North Terminal Departures (JAL/AMX)

1Ticket Purchase and Check-in

Check-in at your airline’s counter. You can also check-in baggage that is too large to take on board.

Osaka Airport has introduced more stringent inspections of carry-on baggage as part of increased security measures. This may cause delays so we ask for

2To Departure Lobby

Take an escalator or an elevator to the departure lobby on the second floor.

3Carry-on Baggage Inspection

Show your boarding pass (barcode or IC) to the security officer. Your baggage will then be inspected and a body check will be performed. Place metal objects in your baggage or one of the trays provided.

-Check with your airline for details on items that you may not take on board and carry-on baggage size limits.

JAL carry-on baggage (for flights within Japan)

4To Boarding Gate

Check the gate number on your boarding pass and proceed to that gate’s waiting area. Check the arrivals and departures board once more, just in case.

To Boarding Gate

5Boarding Gate

Follow the directions for boarding from airline staff.

Boarding Gate

6Through Boarding Gate

The use of mobile telephones is not permitted on board, so please switch your mobile telephone off before boarding.

Through Boarding Gate

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