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Privacy Policy

In our advanced information and telecommunications society, Osaka International Airport recognizes the importance of protecting personal privacy and endeavors to protect personal information in accordance with the policy outlined below.

  1. Collection of personal information

    Osaka International Airport will collect personal information by appropriate and reasonable means.

  2. Use of personal information

    Osaka International Airport will use the personal information that it collects in the course of its business only insofar as is necessary to achieve the objectives stated at the time of collection. If Osaka International Airport intends to subcontract the processing of personal information to a third party, it will subject that third party to a rigorous screening and supervise it appropriately to ensure that personal information is kept in the strictest confidence.

  3. Providing personal information to third parties

    Osaka International Airport will not provide personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the individual, unless under a legal obligation to do so.

  4. Management of personal information

    Osaka International Airport will maintain the integrity of personal information and keep it safe. Osaka International Airport will take appropriate information security measures against unauthorized access, viruses and other threats in order to prevent the loss, destruction, modification, leakage, etc. of personal information. Osaka International Airport will not allow personal information to be leaked as a result of being taken outside of the company, sent to an external party, etc.

  5. Disclosure, amendment, suspension of use, and deletion of personal information

    In the event of a request from an individual regarding personal information including, but not limited to, its disclosure, amendment, suspension of use, and deletion, Osaka International Airport will confirm that the individual has the right to make such a request and, if so, will comply immediately.

  6. Organizational structure

    Osaka International Airport will appoint a senior general manager of privacy to manage personal information appropriately. Osaka International Airport will train its staff on the protection and appropriate management of personal information, and make appropriate management of personal information part of routine operations across the company.

  7. Establishment, implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of a privacy compliance program

    Osaka International Airport will establish a privacy compliance program (which will include this policy, the “Privacy Regulation,” and other regulations) to enforce this policy, and all Osaka International Airport employees and other relevant parties will participate in the program, which will be maintained and continuously improved.

Established April 1, 2005
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