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Flight Information 2021/10/21 13:48:13

Scheduled Origin Airline Remarks
Will Arr. Flight No.
08:45 Cancelled Kagoshima ANA ANA 542
08:50 Cancelled Kagoshima JAL JAL 2400
10:05 --- Kagoshima JAL JAL 2402 Arrived
10:20 Cancelled Kagoshima ANA ANA 544
12:35 12:25 Kagoshima JAL JAL 2404 Arrived
13:05 --- Kagoshima ANA ANA 546 Arrived
14:10 Cancelled Kagoshima JAL JAL 2406
15:15 Cancelled Kagoshima ANA ANA 548
15:45 --- Kagoshima JAL JAL 2410
18:10 --- Kagoshima ANA ANA 550 Schedule Changed
19:10 --- Kagoshima JAL JAL 2412
20:10 --- Kagoshima IBX IBX 76 ANA ANA 3176
20:25 --- Kagoshima JAL JAL 2414