This page shows information about parking at Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport).

Parking Area Congestion Situation

As of 09:43 4/1/2021

Parking Open

Osaka International Airport Parking Map

Osaka International Airport Parking Map

About parking

Operating hours Open 24 hours, 365 days a year
Vehicle Restrictions normal passenger vehicles
(total length less than 6m, Less than 2.1m tall, less than 2.2 m wide)

Visitors coming by bicycle or motorcycle

Capacity 2,916 vehicles
(includes 34 parking spaces for visitors with disabilities)
Parking fees/Discount Maximum fees and discounts
Payment Cash, Credit card, Electronic money
General Information Desk

06-6856-6781 (6:30~21:30)

  • The pick-up/drop-off area and the drop-off lanes are not parking areas. Please note that fees for these differ from the parking areas.
  • When parking for 14 consecutive days or longer, please file a notification with the control office.

Parking fees/Discount

No fee applies when the vehicle leaves the car park within 30 minutes of entering. However, after 30 minutes, parking time will be calculated from the time when the vehicle entered.

Non-peak periods

[For first 24 hours]

150 yen/per 30 min.、Max. fee 2,500 yen

[After first 24 hours]

300 yen/per 60 min.、Max. fee 1,600 yen(Fee per day)
Peak periods

[For first 24 hours]

200 yen/per 30 min、Max. fee 3,400 yen

[After first 24 hours]

400 yen/per 60 min、Max. fee 2,100 yen(Fee per day)

Chart of Parking Fees PDF

Peak period Calendar PDF

Parking fee discount system

Discount Discount Overview Details
KIX-ITM CARD open in new tab 10%OFF Use your KIX-ITM Card when paying your parking fees to receive a 10% discount. (Discount applies to the remaining fees after any other discounts have been applied.)
Parking Discounts from Airport Shops One-Hour Free Parking Coupons Spend a certain amount or more at airport shops and receive a coupon good for one free hour of parking.
Nighttime Parking Coupons Visitors who spend ¥1,080 or more at a restaurant at the airport after 20:30 will receive a nighttime parking coupon (free parking from 20:00 to 24:00 midnight).

Entering the Parking Area

Parking Area Entrances

The parking area has two entrances: Entrance 1, near the north area, and Entrance 2, near the south area. For your convenience, we recommend using the entrance closer to the area of the airport you will be visiting.


Follow the pink signage to Entrance 1. Use the lane on the far right.

Follow the pink “Entrance 1” signage to where the road splits, then continue to the right. Follow that road.

Take a parking ticket and enter the parking area.


Follow the blue signage to Entrance 2.

Follow the blue “Entrance 2” signage to where the road splits, then continue to the left. Follow that road.

Take a parking ticket and enter the parking area.

Parking ticket vending machine (entrance gate)

Press the ticket button.
Enter after receiving a general parking ticket.

  • Always carry your parking ticket with you while away from your vehicle.
  • Keep the parking ticket with you until you leave the parking area.
  • Do not fold or bend your parking ticket, or allow to get become wet, or allow it to be near a magnet.

Paying parking fees

Prepay machine

When leaving the parking area, it is convenient to use a prepay machine.

* Visitors must leave the parking area within 20 minutes of using the prepay machine.


  • The bridge to the Osaka Airport monorail station
  • 1F of the South Parking Structure
  • 1F and 3F of North Parking Structure 1
  • By the North Drop-off Lane (parking area side)


Customer who require a receipt must press the receipt/statement button.


Credit Card VISA UFJ Master Card Diners NICOS JCB AMEX  Payment using a credit card that is associated with the JAL card or ANA card will be rewarded double miles.

* Please note that for payments over ¥30,000, you may need to visit the control office for payment procedures.

Electronic money(*) WAON  Edy WAON, Rakuten Edy
Public transit IC cards(*) ICOCA  Kitaca  PASMO  Suica  manaca  TOICA  HAYAKAKEN  nimoca  SUGOCA ICOCA, Kitaca, PASMO, Suica, manaca, TOICA, HAYAKAKEN, nimoca, SUGOCA

(*) The prepay machines only. The fee adjustment machines at the exits do not accept these payment methods.

The fee adjustment machines at the exits

At the exit, insert your parking ticket, and pay with cash or a credit card.

Notes When Leaving

When you have prepaid, the gate bar will automatically open. However, in the event that the gate bar does not open because of a mechanical malfunction or the like, please insert your parking ticket receipt into the fee adjustment machine at the exit.

* Visitors must leave the parking area within 20 minutes of using the prepay machine. If you remain in the parking area longer than 20 minutes, an additional parking fee will be added from the time you prepaid.

Osaka International Airport General Information Desk

06-6856-6781 (6:30~21:30)