Parking Information

Parking Area Congestion Situation

As of 16:05 10/18/2018

Parking Open

Parking available. During peak periods, parking availability may change for short periods of time. Allow plenty of time for parking.

  • When the parking area is congested, we recommend using the low-priced Extra Parking area.
  • For large vehicles or micro-buses, please park in the group bus terminal.

About parking

Operating hours Open 24 hours, 365 days a year
Capacity 2,543 vehicles

* This number includes parking spaces for visitors with disabilities
South Parking Garage 15 vehicles
North Parking Area 10 vehicles
Parking Area 5 vehicles
  • This parking area does not accept reservations.
    Come directly to the parking area, and enter after obtaining a ticket at the automated ticket vending machine.
  • Can be used by normal passenger vehicles (total length less than 6 m).
  • Vehicles more than 2.3 m tall or more than 2.2 m wide cannot be parked in this parking area.

* For large vehicles and micro-buses, please park at the Group Bus Terminal.
* Visitors coming by bicycle or motorcycle should please use the North and South Bicycle and Motorcycle Parking Areas.

Osaka International Airport Parking Map

To use the parking area, you must accept the Osaka International Airport General Parking Control Rules.

Adobe Reader is required to download the PDF. If you do not have Adobe Reader open in new tab, click this URL to download the free application.

Entering and Exiting the Parking Area









Parking fees

Use fees (tax included)

Time Normal vehicles
(Total length: Under 6 m)
non-peak periods peak periods
Fee per 30 min. for first 24 hours 150 yen 200 yen
Max. fee for first 24 hours 2,500 yen 3,400 yen
Fee per 60 min. after first 24 hours 300 yen 400 yen
Max. fee per 24-hour period after first 24 hours 1,500 yen 2,000 yen

* No fee applies when the vehicle leaves the car park within 30 minutes of entering.

* Peak periods are as follows:
・March 21-April 5, April 29-May 5, July 15-August 31, December 28-January 4
・Second Monday in January, third Monday in July, third Monday in September, second Monday in October, and weekends preceding these Mondays

* If a vehicle is parked for a period that includes both “standard period” and “peak period,” parking fees for the moment at which the vehicle was parked will apply for the entire 24-hour period after parking. After the first 24 hours, the parking fees for each additional 24-hour period will likewise be based on the moment when each period begins.

Reference: Schematic showing the car parking fees

Reference: Schematic showing the car parking fees

* Vehicles entering the car park around the time fees change from standard fees to peak fees or vice versa will be charged for the first 24 hours using the fees in place at the time they entered the car park.
Example: Vehicle entering the car park at 09:00 on December 27th and exiting the car park at 09:00 on December 28th > Standard fee of 2,500 yen applies
Example: Vehicle entering the car park at 09:00 on January 4th and exiting the car park at 09:00 on January 5th > Peak fee of 3,400 yen applies

Parking fee discount system



When leaving, insert your parking ticket into the fee adjustment machine, then insert your KIX-ITM card. This will enable you to receive a 10% discount from the normal parking fee.

Call: 072-455-2092/hours: 9:00-17:00, Open 365 days a year

Parking Discounts from Airport Shops

Spend a certain amount or more at airport shops and receive a coupon good for one free hour of parking. These coupons are available from the airport shops. To receive a parking coupon, show a member of the shop staff your purchase receipt and your parking ticket.
When leaving the parking area, insert your parking ticket into the payment machine, then insert your parking coupon(s).

* Not available at some shops. Overnight stays at the Osaka Airterminal Hotel are excluded from this promotion.

* Purchase amount necessary to receive a parking coupon varies by shop. Purchases from multiple shops cannot be combined.

* Parking coupons are not available from the Information desk, nor from the exit of the parking area.

* Parking coupons are available only to visitors using the parking area (not available to visitors using the drop-off lane or the pick-up/drop-off area).

* Multiple parking coupons can be used for a single use of the parking area. After inserting your parking ticket, insert the parking coupons one at a time.

* Each parking coupon is good for one hour of free parking. Note that, because there is a maximum fee for each 24-hour period, if you have reached that maximum fee, your parking coupon(s) may not necessarily provide a discount from the amount to be paid.

* The KIX-ITM Card 10% parking discount can be combined with parking coupons from airport shops.

Parking Fee Details

Paying parking fees

Parking ticket vending machine (entrance gate)

General visirtors:

Press the ticket button.
Enter after receiving a general parking ticket.

Prepay machine

  • (1)
    Convenient when leaving the parking area.
    Visitors must leave the parking area within 20 minutes of using the prepay machine. If you remain in the parking area longer than 20 minutes, an additional parking fee will be added from the time you prepaid.
  • (2)A variety of credit cards and electronic money are accepted as payment methods.

When you have prepaid, the gate bar will automatically open.
However, in the event that the gate bar does not open because of a mechanical malfunction or the like, please insert your parking ticket receipt into the fee adjustment machine at the exit.

* Customer who require a receipt must press the receipt/statement button.

Parking ticket

  • (1)
    Always carry your parking ticket with you while away from your vehicle.
  • (2)
    Keep the parking ticket with you until you leave the parking area.
  • (3)
    Do not fold or bend your parking ticket, or allow to get become wet, or allow it to be near a magnet.
  • (4)
    When using the prepay machine, or if you pressed the receipt button at a fee adjustment machine at an exit, the parking ticket is your receipt after paying your parking fee.

Payment by credit card

No signature is required for payments of ¥30,000 or less, for a quick and easy exit.  Please note that for payments over ¥30,000, you may need to visit the control office for payment procedures.

The prepay machines accept a variety of electronic money payments.

WAON  Edy  ICOCA  PiTaPa  Kitaca  PASMO  Suica  manaca  TOICA  Hayakaken  nimoca  SUGOCA

WAON, Rakuten Edy, and public transit IC cards (PiTaPa, ICOCA, and the cards shown below) can be used for payments.

* Caution: The fee adjustment machines at the exits do not accept these payment methods.

  • Kitaca
  • Suica
  • manaca
  • nimoca

Accumulating miles

* Example of associated cards

Payment using a credit card that is associated with the JAL card or ANA card will be rewarded double miles.

Osaka International Airport General Information Desk

06-6856-6781 (6:30~21:30)