Parking Information

Osaka International Airport parking area congestion situation

As of 14:01 12/9/2017

Parking Open

Parking available. During peak periods, parking availability may change for short periods of time. Allow plenty of time for parking.

About parking

Operating hours Open 24 hours, 365 days a year
Capacity 2,550 vehicles
  • This parking area does not accept reservations.
    Come directly to the parking area, and enter after obtaining a ticket at the automated ticket vending machine.
  • Acceptable vehicles: Normal passenger vehicles (total length under 6 m), and large vehicles (total length over 6 m)
    However, the maximum size for large vehicles is similar to that of a micro-bus (seating around 21 people).
  • Automobiles higher than 2.3 m, and large vehicles over 7 m in total length, and vehicles wider than 2.2 m may not park in the parking area.

Osaka International Airport Parking Map

To use the parking area, you must accept the Osaka International Airport General Parking Control Rules.

Adobe Reader is required to download the PDF. If you do not have Adobe Reader open in new tab, click this URL to download the free application.

Parking fees

Use fees (tax included)

Normal vehicles

Size guide

Total length: Under 6 m

* Any model and engine displacement

Parking fee units and fees
  • (1)
    Up to 12 hours after taking ticket: ¥100-¥110 for each 30 minutes However, parking less than 30 minutes is free of charge. *
  • (2)
    Parking more than 12 and up to 24 hours is ¥2,570.
  • (3)
    Each 24-hour period after the first 24 hours is set to ¥2,060, and an additional ¥200-¥210 for each hour.

* Parking longer than 30 minutes after taking a ticket is charged from the hour the ticket is obtained.

Large vehicles

Size guide Total length 6 m or longer, and under 7 m
Parking fee units and fees Double parking fees for normal vehicles.


Size guide Including three-wheelers and small motor vehicles
Parking fee units and fees 1/2 parking fees for normal vehicles.

Parking fee discount system


When leaving, insert your parking ticket into the fee adjustment machine, then insert your KIX-ITM card. This will enable you to receive a 10% discount from the normal parking fee.

Call: 072-455-2092/hours: 9:00-17:00, Open 365 days a year

Paying parking fees

Parking ticket vending machine (entrance gate)

Press the dispense button and take the general parking ticket.

Prepay machine

  • (1)
    Convenient when leaving the parking area.
    Visitors must leave the parking area within 20 minutes of using the prepay machine. If you remain in the parking area longer than 20 minutes, an additional parking fee will be added from the time you prepaid.
  • (2)
    Parking fees may be paid using all types of credit cards and an Edy card.

When you have prepaid, the gate bar will automatically open.
However, in the event that the gate bar does not open because of a mechanical malfunction or the like, please insert your parking ticket receipt into the fee adjustment machine at the exit.

* Customer who require a receipt must press the receipt/statement button.

Parking ticket

  • (1)
    Always carry your parking ticket with you while away from your vehicle.
  • (2)
    Keep the parking ticket with you until you leave the parking area.
  • (3)
    Do not fold or bend your parking ticket, or allow to get become wet, or allow it to be near a magnet.
  • (4)
    When using the prepay machine, or if you pressed the receipt button at a fee adjustment machine at an exit, the parking ticket is your receipt after paying your parking fee.

Payment by credit card

If you have a parking fee under ¥30,000, you can leave the parking area quickly without your signature.  If your parking fee exceeds ¥30,000, you will need your credit card PIN. Go to the control office for procedures.

Payment by Rakuten Edy

Payment using Rakuten Edy is possible when using the prepay machines.

* Visitors must remember that Edy cards cannot be used at the automated fee adjustment machines at the exits.

Accumulating miles

* Example of associated cards

Payment using a credit card that is associated with the JAL card or ANA card will be rewarded double miles.

Osaka International Airport General Information Desk

06-6856-6781 (6:30~21:30)