Observation deck

Rooftop Observation Deck

Rooftop Observation Deck

A wide-open deck measuring a total of 400 meters and covering an area of 7,700 square meters.
It is the perfect place where families or couples may enjoy a relaxing time and wait for their flight. Please visit the facility during your next journey at ITAMI!

Taking a walk around the wide deck

Refresh your mind by taking a stroll around the wide and pleasant deck.
Enjoy the natural calming effect that only a wooden deck can provide.

The Sorayan Park is now open.
This location offers not only a photogenic spot but also a chance to admire our mascot Sorayan whenever you would like to!

The fountains are lots of fun for kids! Enjoy playing in the water while watching the airplanes come and go.
(Opening hours 8:00~19:00)

The open feeling of the deck will drain all the stress of your trip.

Admire the impressive power of modern aircraft up close!

Watching the giant birds taking off right in front you is truly an amazing experience.
Children and adults will be delighted and amazed.
How about taking a memorial photograph with the beautiful aircraft in the backgroud?

Experience the thrill of aircraft departing or landing moment.

How about taking a memorial photograph with the beautiful aircraft in the background?

Admire airplanes from up close!

Admire sunset from the observation deck

Watch the runway bathed in light from the deck.

Couples will particularly enjoy the romantic feeling of an evening spent by the deck.

The runways offer a fantastic view at night.

The night lighting creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Osaka International Airport Terminal Building 4F


・Entry: No charge
・Open 24 hours, 365 days a year
・Operating Hours 6:00~21:30(Final entry hours 21:00)