Passenger Service Facilities Charge (PSFC)

This is a charge applied to maintenance and control of passenger service facilities used by passengers, including the lobby and flight information systems and others, and to provide services such as the luggage carts and passenger guides.

Payment method

Please pay this along with your airfare when an airline ticket has been issued.


Charges include tax.

Domestic flightsPSFC
Departing passengers Adults: ¥260
Children: ¥130
Arriving passengers Adults: ¥260
Children: ¥130

* The charges shown apply to tickets for flights on October 28, 2018 and later.

* Children 3–11 fall under the “Children” category. (Note: When using a ticket for which age cannot be confirmed, the “Adult” category will apply.)

* Infants under 3 are free. (Note: When they have tickets, infants under 3 fall under the “Children” category.)

* Any passengers who do not fall under the above definitions of “Children” or “Infants” fall under the “Adults” category.


See below for details.

Regulations on Passenger Service Facility Charge for Domestic Flights at Osaka International Airport PDF