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What is a smart lane?

A smart lane is one effort to implement “fast traveling” to promote reduced waiting times for travelers. Multiple passengers can use the inspection land simultaneously so the congestion you’ve experienced before will be alleviated, allowing us to inspect your luggage more smoothly.

  • Waiting times until security inspections will be approximately 30% shorter.
  • Up to 3 passengers are prepared simultaneously. Those who are prepared may pass through inspection in order.
  • Passengers will not be required to carry a tray, making inspections easier.

Method of Use

  1. 01 Please approach to the divesting place with the Green light

  2. 02 Please take your tray

  3. 03 Please take your laptop/tablet, pencil case and drinks out from your baggage

  4. 04 Place your baggage in a tray, along with any metal items you may have in your pockets, such as your mobile phone, wallet, keys, etc.

  5. 05 Please take off your jacket to inspect

  6. 06 Please slide your tray on to the roller

  7. 07 Proceed to the front

  8. 08 Pick up your baggage and proceed to the gate

  9. 09 If additional baggage inspection is required, please proceed to the recheck table