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Gifts、 Convenience store

South Terminal 1F / Before security MAP

6:00 - 20:30 (open 365 days a year)
Credit cards accepted
KIX-ITM Card Perks: 5% discount off purchase (some items excluded)

A convenience store-style shop located in front of the ANA departure counter. Offering box lunches, drinks, snacks, and more. Also offering exclusive gift items as well as sundries and Japanese and western confectioneries exclusive to Osaka. We look forwa

Tsujiri no Sato

A matcha confection featuring a perfectly baked senbei (rice cracker) roll filled with matcha cream. Enjoy the harmony of the crispy texture of senbei combined with a rich matcha cream.

Gion no Sato

A matcha confection featuring a senbei (rice cracker) roll with Uji matcha kneaded into it and filled with white cream. Enjoy the harmony of an aromatic matcha roll senbei combined with white cream.

Gateau Bubu Financier

A Japanese financier made from tea and rice.
Uji matcha by Gion Tsujiri, a combination of houji tea and rice flour to create a unique sticky yet soft texture and rich flavor.

Fueki Big Marble Chocolate

A large piece of milk chocolate. Contains three colors, 12 pieces total. After you finish the chocolate, you can use the case for other purposes. A cute gift that is perfect as a gift from Kansai.

Koshi no Kanbai "Bessen"

Characterized by a light and refreshing taste that is brewed only with yeast with light flavor and taste characteristics, and rice suitable for sake brewing. Fitting of the name "Tanrei Karakuchi (Smooth Dry)", refreshing when consumed at room temperature

Koshi no Kanbai "Sai”

Made using rice suitable for sake "Gohyakumangoku and "Yamada Nishiki" polished to 55%. An elegance befitting of Koshino Kanbai. The clean finish is characteristic that can be expressed because of our use of rice ideal for sake brewing of which characteri