sakai ginsyari gekotei

Japanese Traditional、 Others

South Terminal 2F / After security(Boarding Gates Area) MAP

6:30~20:20 L.O.19:50
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Founded in Sakai, Osaka in 1963, Gekotei has long prided themselves in bringing great food to the masses. From the very start, founder Tsutomu Murashima has refused to ever compromise on the flavor of the rice, earning himself the nickname “the grand master of cooking rice.” Gekotei still maintains the same approaches and techniques used by Murashima, serving rice cooked the old-fashioned way, alongside delicious, nutritious dishes.

Five-Sashimi Assortment Meal: ¥2,180 (plus tax)

A teishoku meal set served with five types of sashimi, fresh from the market: tuna, salmon, amberjack, shrimp, and squid (seafood may vary seasonally; ask a member of the staff for details). Enjoy this fresh sashimi.

Sablefish Saikyo-Yaki Meal: ¥1,680 (plus tax)

Enjoy sablefish marinated in rich, mellow Saikyo miso, grilled to perfection and served alongside eight other small seasonal dishes. Savor a mouthful or two each of a broad selection of great flavors, paired with this delicious fish.