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A Sophisticated Hotel Lounge and Bar at the Airport

Developed around the concept of cuisine terroir, or the use of local ingredients, this lounge and bar serves items made with outstanding ingredients from around the world, with a special focus on local ingredients from Hyogo. Their best-in-Japan breakfast bakery set won the grand prize in the Rakuten Travel Breakfast Festival®, and their menu includes a variety of other delicious selections, such as freshly baked bread from Le Pan Kobe Kitano. Guests can also step up to the bar and choose from wines selected by a discerning sommelier, charcuterie options, or rarely-seen exclusive sake, direct from the brewery. Local items from Kobe are also available to take home.

The Luxurious Atmosphere of a Hotel Lounge

Relax in a lounge and bar operated by Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland, with the kind of luxurious atmosphere the hotel is known for. Enjoy a light teatime meal, a delicious breakfast, or a set from the lunch menu. During bar hours, guests can sip choice wines selected by the Hotel La Suite sommelier, or brandy or whisky, for elegant, sophisticated relaxation.

Enjoy Bread from Japan’s Best Breakfast Bakery

Le Pan Kobe Kitano, a bakery operated by Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland, was awarded the grand prize in Rakuten Travel’s Breakfast Festival® 2015 — guests can enjoy their best-in-Japan’s breakfast bakery set, featuring selections from this bakery. The menu also includes other great items featuring local ingredients from Hyogo, like pork cutlet sandwiches made with Kobe Pork, and egg sandwiches full of fresh premium Shichifuku eggs from Yumesaki Town, Himeji City and tartar sauce featuring onions from Awaji Island. These menu items are lovingly prepared one by one, rather than mass-produced, for a delicious handmade bakery meal experience.

Experience a Lunch Prepared by La Suite Group Chefs

Chef Yasuhiko Ogasawara sharpened his cooking skills at a Michelin-star restaurant in Paris. Savor his beautiful, lovingly prepared dishes, or enjoy items from the homemade charcuterie menu prepared by expert chef Aya Nagaoka.

An Elegant Teatime with Sweets from the Connoisseur City of Kobe

From the start, La Suite has advocated the concept of cuisine terroir, or the use of local ingredients, and their sweets are made with outstanding ingredients from around the world, with a focus on local ingredients from Hyogo. Savor delicious sweets made with plenty of fresh, premium eggs and milk from Hyogo, lovingly made by artisanal chefs in small batches, rather than mass-produced, for a moment of delicious bliss.

Sip Sommelier-Selected Wine during Bar Hours, for a Unique New Airport Experience

Enjoy a broad lineup of exceptional drinks, including premium Kenzo Estate wines made from choice grapes grown in lush natural environments, or rare, exclusive sake direct from Nadagogo, brewers known for the famous Nada no Kiippon sake. Relax with a delicious beverage before your flight.

Take Home Premium Hotel-Made Sweets

Choose from a selection of delicious Le Pan sweets to take home for yourself or as a gift for someone special, such as lemon cakes made with plenty of Setouchi lemon — just one of the Le Pan items chosen in the Kobe Selection 2019.