Extra Parking Information


Notice of Temporary Closure of Extra Parking Area


Due to the 2019 G20 Osaka Summit, the extra parking area will be unavailable for use from 20:00 on Friday, May 31, 2019 through 24:00 midnight on Sunday, June 30. Any vehicles parked in the extra parking area on or before Friday, May 31 must please be removed from the extra parking area by 20:00 on Friday, May 31. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
For more details on the G20 Osaka Summit, click here.

Extra Parking Area Congestion Situation

As of 06:30 6/4/2019

Parking Temporarily closed

  • The extra parking area has begun service as of 6:00 on Saturday, July 21, 2018.

Extra Parking

Operating hours Open 24 hours, 365 days a year
Capacity 300 vehicles

* This number includes parking spaces for visitors with disabilities
5 vehicles

Notes for Use

  • This is not a paved asphalt parking area.
  • This parking area does not feature peak period pricing.
  • This parking area does not offer discounts to visitors with disabilities.
  • This parking area does not offer KIX-ITM Card discounts.
  • This parking area does not offer discounts from shops at the airport.
  • This parking area does not offer prepayment.
  • This parking area does not accept electronic money as payment.
  • This parking area does not offer commuter passes for sale.
  • This parking area does not offer free parking for the first 30 minutes.
  • This parking area does not accept reservations.
    Come directly to the parking area, and enter after obtaining a ticket at the automated ticket vending machine.
  • Can be used by normal passenger vehicles (total length less than 6 m).
  • Vehicles more than 2.3 m tall or more than 2.2 m wide cannot be parked in this parking area.

* For large vehicles and micro-buses, please park at the Group Bus Terminal.
* Visitors coming by bicycle or motorcycle should please use the North and South Bicycle and Motorcycle Parking Areas.
* Note that neither the airport nor the parking area accepts any liability in the event of vehicle problems, theft, or any other misfortune.

Parking Map

To use the parking area, you must accept the Osaka International Airport General Parking Control Rules.

Adobe Reader is required to download the PDF. If you do not have Adobe Reader open in new tab, click this URL to download the free application.

Parking fees

Use fees (tax included)

Time Normal vehicles
(Total length: Under 6 m)
non-peak periods
& peak periods
Fee per 60 min. for first 24 hours 100yen
Max. fee for first 24 hours 1,000 yen
Fee per 60 min. after first 24 hours 100 yen
Max. fee per 24-hour period after first 24 hours 1,000 yen

Paying parking fees

This parking area does not offer prepayment.

Parking ticket

  • (1)
    Always carry your parking ticket with you while away from your vehicle.
  • (2)
    Keep the parking ticket with you until you leave the parking area.
  • (3)
    Do not fold or bend your parking ticket, or allow to get become wet, or allow it to be near a magnet.

Payment by credit card

No signature is required for payments of ¥30,000 or less, for a quick and easy exit.  Please note that for payments over ¥30,000, you may need to visit the control office for payment procedures.

Osaka International Airport General Information Desk

06-6856-6781 (6:30~21:30)